ATV Roll Bar / Quad Bar


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Product description

The Quadbar is a small unobtrusive, hairpin shaped hoop mounted on the ATV / Quad behind the rider designed to counter some of the risks associated with rollovers. 
The Quadbar acts as a Crush Protection Device (CPD) as opposed to the more commonly known roll over protective structures (ROPS). 
A typical ROPS would require a full cage and driver restraint, which are not feasible on a rider active vehicle such as a ATV / Quad.
Most models require only the Quad Bar kit itself.
Special Mounting Bracket sold separately based on ATV make and model. 
See the Testing video below....

Fitting The Quadbar The Quadbar is essentially a bolt on attachment. Currently 1 kit should fit most quads that are fitted with a tow bar & rack. However, many Polaris quads require variations of the brackets and need to be purchased separately at the time of sale. Professional fitting is recommended and it takes around an hour to fit, by an experienced mechanic. The Quadbar Kit fits most Japanese brands; Honda- All utility models 250cc and over* Yamaha- All utility models 250cc and over* Suzuki- All utility models 250cc and over* Kawasaki- All utility models 250cc and over* Kimco- All utility models 250cc and over* Can-Am- All utility models up to 400 kg net weight*. Polaris- All utility models up to 400 kg net weight*, but for the 400 &570 models, an adaptor plate is available and may be purchased as an accessory. Also there is an adaptor plate 550 and 850 and both take additional time to fit. There is an adaptor plate/ extension plate for the model with the tipping tray and should only be fitted when no other options are available, it is difficult to fit and must only be fitted by and experienced person. Contact libertynorth by Canyon Ridge before ordering if you are unsure of correct fitment *Excludes sports models. Note that some types of towing may be limited by fitting a Quadbar. If possible fit the bottom bracket with the ends curved towards the front.


Check out the test video below...

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